Experts Engaged in Well-Managed Contracts

The better managed your contracts and grants are, the greater impact they'll have on your mission. Government Contract Solutions (GCS) delivers the contract and grants management services, specialists and support expertise you need to overcome resource constraints and maximize success.

With GCS' extensive pool of domain experts, we can rapidly deliver high-quality, engaged professionals that fit your required skill sets, organizational culture, clearance requirements and budget parameters—regardless of the length or scope of the engagement. From contract managers and grants experts to contract administration and FOIA support, you can be certain you're working with professionals who hold critical certifications, such as FAC-C and DAWIA, as well as a deep understanding of government regulations and significant track record of moving forward quickly and confidently within that framework.

Manage your contracts and grants with skill and attention to detail.

Contract management, subcontract management, grants management and contract specialization are among GCS' core capabilities. Whether you're on the buy side or sell side of a contract, we provide a strategic, tactical approach to contract and procurement management. With GCS' background in acquisition, strength in financial and program management, and skill in performance improvement, we also add diverse knowledge, extraordinary vision and cross-disciplinary best practices to our significant domain skills to ensure seamless, cost-effective and efficient procurement and acceptance of supplies and services.

With today's emphasis on optimizing budgets and increasing value, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your contracts, grants and acquisitions is key. Count on GCS to establish best-practice processes and work flows, engage cross-functional stakeholders, define requirements, mitigate risks, assess expenditures, manage demand and maximize your enterprise supply chain.

Support your contracts with a driven team of professionals.

Whether you contact us pre- or post-award, GCS' highly responsive and tailored approach goes beyond just meeting objectives to delivering high-value results that are well documented, timely and compliant.

Our administrative, grants and contract specialists hold public trust clearances, can work on- or off-site and come well equipped with the tools and processes required for optimal performance on your engagement. Moreover, they are fueled by the passion for innovation and continual improvement that is characteristic of the GCS culture. Count on us to help you quickly overcome resource and time constraints in the following contract support areas:

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  • Contract and Grants Administration. GCS provides expertise covering the full lifecycle of contract and grants administration, including RFP development, cost estimating, pricing analysis, negotiations, T&C interpretation, compliance, performance monitoring and contract modifications. We also provide end-to-end subcontract administration and performance-based contract support services.
  • Compliance. With a deep understanding of DCMA/DCAA trends and expertise encompassing the areas of financial management, ethics, procurement and more, GCS helps you establish and maintain internal controls for contracting compliance across the enterprise.
  • Reporting & Transparency Assurance. More than ever, transparency and accountability are at the crux of federal operations. From strategic planning through contract close out, GCS helps you adhere to accurate and timely transparency policies and processes to ensure a sound foundation for accountability and protection against mismanagement.
  • Cost/Price Analysis. Our strength in acquisition management makes us a natural choice for developing strong cost/pricing strategies, favorable negotiations and defensible pricing methodologies for all contract types, services, agreements and GSA Schedules.
  • Contract Closeout. From achieving acceptable resolutions to invoicing and final closeout, GCS' professionals leverage proven tools and methodologies to perform research, reconciliation and financial functions for fully compliant contract closeouts.
  • FOIA Support. As participants in the Department of Justice’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) training, certifications and standards programs, GCS offers sound judgment on related guidelines and directives to improve compliance and transparency.

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