Experts Engaged in Ethical Service

Our mission is simple—to improve our country’s future by delivering teams of experts fully engaged in your mission. The way we see it, whether you're a Federal agency or government contractor, your ability to cost-effectively navigate today's fast-changing, global environment is more critical than ever to our national success.

Partner with an innovative team that echoes your values.

The most gratifying mark of success we can think of is your repeat business. So we make every effort to ensure that by adhering to the following ten core values:

  • Continual learning
  • Unquestionable integrity
  • Focused engagement
  • Value-driven performance
  • Hard work
  • Agile responsiveness
  • Ethical action
  • Customer service
  • Responsible accountability
  • Careful compliance


From project and financial management to agile acquisition, systems engineering and performance improvement, Government Contract Solutions (GCS) is prepared to meet your challenges in the Washington, DC area and throughout the world.

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